Hosting events comes easy to us – well, if not easy, second nature at least- as the result of years and years of practice and hard work in turning out bigger and better events and promotional campaigns every single time. At TNL RN, we pride ourselves on the quality and success of our events, and in particular, those that have endured throughout the years to become trademarks of our brand.

TNL Onstage for example, has evolved from a garage-band talent competition into its recent standing-room-only, big lights, big sound, big stage twelfth season production that saw the most talented musicians in the country fight it out for the coveted title and prizes amounting to over 1.5 Million Rupees in cash and musical equipment. Likewise, supplementary events such as Simplicity strip down the noise and clutter and give well-deserved exposure to what our talented musicians are capable of.

Ever mindful of our corporate social responsibility, the station’s pet adoption initiative aptly called Puppy Love, re-homed 55 stray puppies this year. And as ever, we ring in the season TNL style in our home-away-from-home, the TNL Radio Studios based in the lobby of Majestic City Mall.

The Flashback show is an annual event with live music from the 70′s to the 90′s. Rhythm Night Mega Show is yet another annual event organized by TNL RN to celebrate the anniversary of Rhythm FM.

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